Monday, October 3, 2016

Hope in Jesus is an Anchor to my Soul

This is my continuation of my journey into illustrating in a Bible instead of writing notes. Someone posted a picture online of their page with an anchor prominently drawn. (If I can find that inspirational post, I will credit the artist.) I still do not have the "courage" to draw over the printed words in my Journaling Bible, but thought of all the stamps I have related to anchors and tonight, I made this page.

While I was working on the page, a hymn kept going through my head, so I printed a copy of it and used wash tape as a hinge to add it to the page as a "tip in."

Then I highlighted the lyrics on the hymn that says, "In every high and stormy gale my anchor holds within the veil." And thought I should write that on the page, too. So this is the finished page on the right. I made a mistake when writing the word "gale" in the bottom right, so I covered it with post it tape and rewrote it. Then as I thought, "Now I am done." I noticed I had smeared the word on the post it tape, so I added more black ink to make it look intentional, and stormy.

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