Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Big Reveal

We pretty much are finished with our kitchen remodel. All the inspections have been done, but we need to get two glass door fronts installed and hinges replaced on 2 cabinet doors. (One closes too fast and the other too slow. They are soft-close doors, a really nice feature.) I love the kitchen and actually enjoy washing dishes in the sink, you know, so it stays looking nice and clean. We used the dishwasher of course when we had guests for dinner. Boy is it quiet! All the appliances are whirlpool. (So nice to be able to bake and not have stuff too browned.) The granite is New Venetian Gold and the maple cabinets are from Debut Cabinetry in toast finish.

Above you can see the glass doors on the cabinet over the frig where I have my cookie jars displayed. I also have 3 more in the corner cabinet. The teapot, teacup, and creamer collections are in that corner cabinet as well. Below is the corner unit with the lazy Susan that holds my pots and pans and left of that a pullout with 4 shelves that holds small boxes of stuff like rice, pudding, and drink mixes.

 This is taken from my living room. I am so glad Tim took the wall down separating the 2 areas when we first bought the house. The drawers to the left of the dishwasher hold in the top drawer my tableware (forks, knives, spoons, and serving pieces), middle drawer my dishes and bowls, and in the bottom drawer are mixing bowls and baking glassware. These drawers are about  24 inches wide. The ones in the cabinet on the side (the coffee bar) are about 26 inches wide.

This is what I see when standing by the back porch door. I wanted you to see the corner cabinet. The shelves are little triangles that I put some of my McCoy pieces on. The sugar bowl from our first set of dishes (from Sears) is on the top shelf.

 This is the added cabinet where there was none before. I love the three drawers(2 deep) for my table linens and plastic storage pieces. Cabinet below also holds wine and liquor bottles and small appliances (the toaster, hand mixer, 2 crockpots, electric skillet,and waffle iron). The other corner base cabinet on the left has my blenders in it. So nice to have everything together in one place!

We still have to remove the fan and the 2 ceiling lights. That "sky tube" provides lots of daytime light and at night the under cabinet lights are lovely. I am thinking 2 pendant lights over the coffee bar like the one over the sink and something to match over the table.